I built websites for businesses and organizations, helped JPL/NASA process data from space in the cloud, and built developer tools for embedded systems.

Now I help businesses build software. Here is a sample of my public work.


Software Development Engineer | Green Hills Software
July 2014 – October 2017
Built developer tools for embedded systems.

Computer Science Researcher | University of California, Berkeley
June 2013 – September 2013
Built on a prototype compiler for novel wavefront array architectures.

Cloud Computing Researcher | JPL/NASA
June 2011 – June 2012
Built data processing pipelines in the cloud for Earth science data.


More Than Books

E-book reader that embraces the digital era. Design prototype of an e-book reader app that obsoletes page turning by replacing it with paragraph-based scrolling.

Live Shop

Automate your Facebook Live shop. (Use the left/right keys to navigate.) Design prototype of a tool for selling merchandise on Facebook Live. A code is generated for each item being sold and is broadcast by the seller on the video stream. The app then connects to Facebook to detect when a potential buyer types the code to claim a particular item and displays it to the seller.


Try the Gmsh 3D mesh generator on your browser. Developed as an experiment for a research lab in UC Santa Barbara which uses Gmsh to facilitate physics simulations. It runs Gmsh on a server in EC2 (the Amazon cloud) and displays the results instantly and interactively. (Try changing the first number from 0.1 to 1, or dragging the red sphere.)

Split Screen PDF

Generate PDFs programmatically on your browser. A playground for generating PDFs programmatically using a JavaScript port of libHaru. The resulting PDF is displayed instantly next to the code that generated it. Users can share their experiment by copying the link, optionally shortened.


Laser Printer Technology, Inc.

An effective web presence for a small business. (Warning: auto-playing sound.) My first freelancing gig, 8 years ago. The biggest printing service center in Santa Clara, California asked me to create a website to help drive customer acquisition. The result was a website focused on motivating users to contact the center, with a contact button seamlessly integrated into the content of each page. Services included visual design, copywriting, and web development.

Daugherty Group, UC Santa Barbara

Low-maintenance website for a busy research team. This lab’s biochemical research advances the state of the art in disease treatment. Like most university research labs, every hour spent on managing their website is an hour not spent on grant proposals or potentially life-saving research. The research lead asked me to create a website that can be easily updated without hiring an expert or spending hours in code.

We used WordPress to make future content updates easy. I saved the lab time with the Publications page, which pulls the latest research papers from the group automatically from PubMed. Services included UX design and WordPress development.

If you are interested in discussing working together, you can get in touch with me here.